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Common Mistakes You Are Making With Your AC

With the arrival of summer, it is quite likely that you are making the most out of your air conditioning appliance to ensure that the environment within the closed doors of your home or workplace is cool enough for you to relax and be productive throughout the day. But with this intense working of the machine throughout the day, the electricity bills at the end of the month might also have been at their highs.

Suppose you are facing a disturbing rise in the electricity bill, there is a high chance you are making certain mistakes with your air conditioning system, resulting in decreased efficiency of the appliance.

Some Mistakes That Is Affecting Your AC Efficiency

We have come up with some common mistakes that people generally make that might decrease the efficiency and lifespan of the appliance and might lead to high bills even after air conditioning repair in Lafayette.

You Aren’t Changing or Cleaning Your Filters At Regular Intervals.

An unclean filter can result in an increase of the electricity bill by 5 to 15 percent. Plus, it leads to poor airflow and freezing of the unit’s evaporator coil. It is advised to clean the filter at a minimum of three months, and if you are using the ac all day round, it is advised that you go for monthly cleaning.

You Are Neglecting The Importance Of The Annual Servicing Of Your Appliance.

Proper self-maintenance is alright, but it is also advised that you have a yearly air conditioner repair in Lafayette, IN. Yearly servicing results in deep cleaning of the appliance. If there is any minor issue with the appliance, it can be detected early and can be easily and economically resolved.

You Don’t Have A Programmable Thermostat.

If you always remember to adjust your thermostat setting while leaving home, its well and good, but if you are like most of us and often forget to adjust the settings every time before you leave, a programmable, ‘smart’ thermostat can automatically increase the temperature of the room till the time you are out, thus saving money.

You Are Setting Your Thermostat At Low.

You raise the temperature; for every degree, save the electricity bill by approximately 3 percent. It is thus wiser to ensure that the temperature of your ac is not too low. Ideally, it shall be around 70, or more if you think you can handle it.

You’re Neglecting The Advantages Of A Fan.

Using any fan, specifically the ceiling fan can help reduce the pressure on your air conditioner by helping circulate the air throughout the room.  

The Position Of Your Thermostat and/or Vents Is Not Appropriate.

See to it that your thermostat is not under the influence of the sun rays or lamps, etc., as this might lead to misreading and eventually making your ac work harder for no reason. Also, the vents shall not be covered with curtains or furniture so that there can be a free flow of the air. 

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