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Furnace Maintenance Services In Lafayette, IN

Furnace Maintenance Services In Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, IN, and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Maintenance Services & Heater Tune-Up In Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, Crawfordsville, Linden, Waynetown, Dayton, Frankfort, Flora, Delphi, Pine Village, Remington, Attica, IN, and Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking to get the best furnace maintenance in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, IN and surrounding areas, Brand Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC has everything you need. Our company has been maintaining furnaces in the Lafayette area for over two decades, and we’re proud of our reputation for excellent service. Let us make a believer out of you. We provide one of the best residential HVAC Crawfordsville IN.

Your furnace is the source of warmth and comfort in your home and neglecting your furnace’s upkeep may lead to difficulties which require unexpected repair service. As a homeowner, there are steps you can take to ensure your furnace operates at its peak efficiency.

Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important?

One guaranteed way to ensure the protection and longevity of your furnace is regular and appropriate maintenance. Generally, maintenance, in particular, professional maintenance, can increase the life span of any household appliance by a substantial amount of time. With furnace maintenance, the lifespan is increased by at least three more years and saves the buyer money. Brand Heating and Cooling, LLC offers some of the best furnace services in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, IN, and its surrounding areas.

Tips For Furnace Maintenance

Check The Pilot Light

It is risky to have a yellow flame. It could indicate excess production of carbon monoxide. This pilot light in furnace systems can be a warning sign that there may be severe problems.

Schedule Year-End Inspections

While minor furnace maintenance is essential, yearly inspections are just as necessary. They can also help to avoid significant furnace problems. For premium maintenance services in Lafayette contact Brand HVAC.

Air Filters Need To Be Changed

You can improve the efficiency of your furnace by changing furnace filters. A simple tip is to lower your utility bills and keep your furnace running smoothly to ensure the filters are clean. For furnace service in West Lafayette contact Brand HVAC for assistance.

Keep Tt Clean

It is a good idea to clean your furnace at least once a month. It will help you avoid costly repairs. Keeping the furnace’s exterior clean of dust or other debris is vital. It is also essential to clean the blower assembly.

Check For Noise

Listening to the sounds of furnace systems and checking for any problems is necessary. Calling our professional to examine this problem is recommended.

Clean The Vents

Many furnace systems are connected to vents. These vents allow warm air to be released into various rooms. They can impact the working of your furnace. To clean them, pull them out and vacuum the ducts.

Most Common Furnace Problems.

The Thermostat Isn't Working

Your thermostat may not be working appropriately if your fan is constantly on. As a result, your thermostat may overheat, and your heater may operate less effectively.

Filters That Are Dirty Or Clogged

Clogged or dirty filters can affect the furnace’s ability to operate correctly and reduce efficiency. To ensure maximum performance, ensure your filters are changed at least once in two or three months. For the best heating repair in Lafayette, contact Brand HVAC for all of your requirements.

Flickering Or Oddly-Colored Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light is essential to its operation. It could indicate excessive carbon monoxide in the furnace if it flickers or turns yellow.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

If your home is hot or you don’t routinely change your air filters, your heat exchanger could crack. Contact our furnace specialist to resolve the issue if your heat stops working. It is time to replace the heat exchanger.

Frequent And Over-Cycling

Do you notice that your furnace turns on more often than usual, even after it has completed a cycle? You could have a blocked filter, poor airflow, or your furnace running too high or low. Frequently turned on and off furnaces will cause a higher electricity bill.

Our Experience, Your Benefit

All of their technicians are consummate professionals with extensive knowledge in HVAC systems. Customers are assured of a thorough inspection during maintenance to help clean and spot corrosion or rust before it irreversibly damages the furnace. Furnaces heat our homes via an intricate system of air ducts that evenly distribute heat and warmth throughout the house. We provide one of the best AC Repair Lafayette IN. The welded parts begin to accumulate rust and corrode when overexposure to carbon monoxide, vapor, sulfur dioxides, and nitrogen oxides go consistently unchecked.

Keep Yourself Warm All Winter Long

It is particularly important to check the state of furnaces just before the winter season sets in. If you have ever experienced a chilling winter with a broken furnace, you certainly understand the necessity of having it checked and serviced well in advance to avoid cold storms taking a toll on you and your home. You and your family need to stay warm during the coldest nights of the year and an annual checkup by Brand can ensure that you get to turn your focus to the things that matter during the holiday season.

There is no better gift than the gift of a warm home during winter. Brand enables you to set up annual furnace maintenance with one of their experts to not only ensure the efficiency and extended life expectancy of your furnace but also to get advice on everyday maintenance that can prolong its life and use even further.  We are serving the Air Conditioner Service Crawfordsville IN.

Brand Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC Has It All

Brand also offers the best prices for heating maintenance in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, IN and surrounding areas with such added services as emergency services, intensive home energy audits, and free replacement estimates among a host of other services.


Furnace maintenance can help keep your furnace working longer and more efficiently. Some jobs require professional assistance. Brand HVAC is here to help. We specialize our service in Lafayette and the surrounding areas. We have the experience and training to help you analyze, fix and correct any problem with your furnace.

Brand Company is undoubtedly the best option for all furnace maintenance services in the Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, IN area. Call us at (765) 449-9709 and get your furnace serviced today.

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