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A Guide For Changing An AC Filter

Guide For Changing The AC Filter

The functioning of an air conditioner is to keep the room cool and ensure that good quality air is circulated. Therefore, the air conditioning units equipped with air filters remove the impurities. There is a lot of buildup on the air filters, and therefore, this component needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced. 

Importance Of An Air Filter

It traps as many impurities as possible and prevents the transmission of diseases or infections, highly efficient filters promising good air quality are required. This calls for a highly porous filter. The more pores, the more easily it can get clogged, adding to the wear and tear of the filter, reducing the A/C unit’s efficiency as the filter tends to break down after prolonged use. 

Problems Encountered With A Clogged Or Damaged Filter 

Clogged filters prevent steady airflow and thereby reduce the cooling capacity of the unit. If the pores are over-clogged, the impurities are not trapped and tend to get eliminated through the air vents. The reduction in cooling also increases the unit’s energy consumption, making it work twice as hard. 

In the end, a damaged air filter results in high electricity bills for you. So, it is wise to book a professional AC  service in Lafayette Indianabefore the damage becomes too huge to handle. 

Things To Consider When Changing An AC Filter

Here are some things that you need to consider before changing an AC filter. A minor mistake can lead to some bigger issues.

Location Of The Filter

The filter can be placed near the return air ducts or near air handlers for larger HVAC systems. For air conditioners that perform heating and cooling, the area near the blowers might be equipped with a filter. If the HVAC system is too large and complex, consulting a service technician or looking for AC repair in Lafayette in nearby locations would be advisable. 

Choosing The Correct Filter

The make and model of the air conditioning unit vary with the brand and the company. And companies try to bring their creativity to the model design, mainly to the components. The fitting, size, quality, etc., all depend on the other components of the A/C unit. 

Sometimes, special upgrades are required for people with existing allergies to dust and other possible known allergens like pollen, mould, etc. In those cases, filters like HEPA can be equipped after discussing with the service technician. HEPA is a high-efficiency filter and needs expert advice before being fit into your air conditioning unit.

Steps To Change The Filter

  1. Ensure that the power to the air conditioner is switched off.
  2. Carefully remove the existing filter to be cleaned or replaced and examine the intensity of the damage. 
  3. Dispose of the filter safely and responsibly if the clogging and damage are excessive; if no, you can clean the filters (given that they are disposable) as per the instruction manual or by the advice of the HVAC service tech.
  4. Insert the new (or deeply cleaned) filter back and check for steady airflow and cooling. 

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