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Why Is My Heat Pump Not Heating?

Is your heat pump letting you down this winter by failing to keep your home warm? If it’s freezing outside and you’ve turned on the heat, but your HVAC isn’t reaching the temperature you set on your thermostat, it’s time to investigate by the experts of our heat pump repair in Lafayette.

It’s tough to detect whether or not your heat pump is working since a heat pump might work adequately even if the set temperature inside your home is unpleasant.

The expert HVAC service professionals area are specially trained in heat pumps. They can help differentiate if the problem with your heat pump, not heating, is due to the system, clogged filters, or settings of the thermostat in the system.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Depending on your chosen settings, the heat pump will heat and cool your home when the seasons change. The following components make up a heat pump system:

  • A portable gadget that can be used outside.
  • A device that is used inside.

The air outside will heat your outdoor unit. After being sucked in, the air travels through copper refrigerant tubes to a coil in the inside team.

A blower fan will suck inside air through this coil, causing the air to warm. The fan will circulate this hot air throughout the home. The operation is simply reversed when it comes to cooling, and the heat pump performs the same tasks as a traditional central air conditioner.

The Unit Has Been Frozen Outdoors.

Your system will not transmit heat from outside to inside if your outside unit is frozen. Look for ice or frost on the copper tubing between the house, team, and any buildup on the coil.

The best person to deal with a frozen external coil is an experienced HVAC technician or HVAC repair in Lafayette. While some frost is anticipated on heat pumps, heavy ice on your outdoor unit is an emergency that must be addressed immediately.

There can be a variety of reasons why the heat pump is not heating:

  • Insufficient Refrigerant Charge.

A heat pump that doesn’t have enough refrigerant won’t keep up with demand. Another sign of inadequate refrigerant charge is a frozen coil. Call us immediately if you suspect your system has a low refrigerant charge.

  • Reversing Value That Isn’t Functioning Correctly.

Remember how we said heat pumps might be used for heating and cooling? A malfunctioning valve might cause your heat pump not to heat but to chill. A skilled HVAC technician of heating repair in Lafayette will need to confirm this, and the valve will be replaced.

  • The Thermostat Is Set Inaccurately.

Is there no hot air escaping your vents? If your heat pump is on and you’re receiving chilly air from the registers, ensure your thermostat is set to heat mode.

Out’s read-settings should be changed. Cool or cold air will be blasted if set to cool or on a continuous fan.

  • A Thermostat That Hasn’t Been Calibrated or Isn’t Working Accurately

Someone striking the thermostat by mistake or dirt collection inside might cause it to get out of calibration. Consequently, the thermostat will probably be a few degrees off.

To re-calibrate your thermostat, follow the instructions in the handbook or call a local HVAC specialist to do it for you. Call Brand Air Heating Conditioning LLC for more queries at (765) 449-9709.

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