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Why Does HVAC Maintenance Make A Difference?

AC keeps you and your family cool and comfortable throughout scorching summer days and nights. While an air conditioner is a significant financial commitment, if you commit to an HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll find that you can protect yourself against costly system repairs and replacements.

It is possible to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and longevity by doing HVAC maintenance in Lafayette before major problems arise. If you’re willing to put in a small amount of money, you can save, breathe cleaner air, raise your home’s safety and comfort, and benefit the environment while gaining more peace of mind.

What Does Preventive Maintenance Include?

To guarantee that your HVAC system works efficiently, you should schedule regular preventive maintenance. There are various things that a skilled service expert will undertake when they come to your home for the maintenance check.


Units can overheat and fail due to excessive friction. Lubricating moving parts reduces electricity consumption and utility expenses by making things run more smoothly.

Inspecting Refrigerant

If your air conditioner is overcharged, you could pay more to cool your house than you need to. However, a leak in the system is almost always the cause of an undercharged system. HVAC maintenance in Lafayette is important as it gives our technicians an opportunity to check for leaks and make repairs.

Replacing Dirty Filters

Dust-clogged filters limit airflow in your AC, causing uneven heating or cooling, low airflow from vents, or heated air. Frequent cleaning or replacement of HVAC filters is necessary. When you change your filter periodically, you reduce the stress on your system and lower your utility costs.

Check Electrical Connections

A simple broken connection can cause an unexpected repair call. A technician will inspect all electrical connections during your HVAC repair in Lafayette appointment to ensure that nothing is loose. Our technicians can check the voltage to ensure nothing is nearing failure.

Cleaning Condenser Unit

The outdoor HVAC unit might accumulate leaves, twigs, and other debris. When experts do an inspection, they’ll remove debris from the unit and hose it down.

Check Thermostat Batteries

Battery-powered thermostats should be replaced once a year by experts to avoid malfunctions. They may assist you in setting up your programmable thermostat to match your daily routine, resulting in decreased monthly utility bills.

Inspect Fans

As a preventative maintenance measure, you should inspect the fan blades every few months, both in action and at rest, for damage and wear.

What Benefits Can You Get From Routine Maintenance?

Better Comfort

Without maintenance, your air conditioning system must work harder than necessary to maintain the desired temperature. Throughout the summer, you and your loved ones will be able to relax in comfort if you keep your system well maintained.

Good Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system blows pollutants into your home all year. Maintaining your HVAC system helps to keep the air flowing out of your vents as clean as possible and keeps your home healthy.

Fewer Repairs

Your HVAC professional will be able to identify any issues before they become a problem, resulting in fewer repairs. You may avoid costly and time-consuming repairs by replacing worn-out parts as soon as they are discovered.

Improved Performance

High-efficiency systems are more reliable and because it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain its temperature, it will run quieter. During a preventative maintenance visit, it’s possible to discover that you need air conditioning service in Lafayette. Our technicians will let you know of any problems they find with your system and fix it right away.

Saves Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers need annual maintenance records for warranty claims. Some components of your HVAC system are pricey, so regular maintenance can save you a lot if something goes wrong.

Best Time To Schedule a Tune-Up For Your HVAC

The best times to book an HVAC tune-up appointment are in the spring and fall before the harsh weather starts to hit. You want to make sure that your system is running efficiently and that there are no potential issues before the extreme temperatures hit. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your family will be comfortable all summer or winter long.

Our HVAC professionals perform extensive servicing, inspections, and troubleshooting on the system during regular maintenance checkups to keep it running smoothly and avoid breakdowns.

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