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When Should You Purchase A New Air Conditioner?

Know When You Should Buy New AC

Recognizing the signs before they break down is essential because you can get a good deal on your old AC system if you exchange in a rebate program.

Local utilities and the state government have organized a special rebate program where you can exchange your old, less-efficient AC system in return for a new, energy-efficient unit.

You get discounts and save on installation or AC unit costs by applying to the rebate programs. You can look for the rebate program, or contact the AC service in Lafayette, Indiana, to get more information about the program. 

Signs That Indicate You Need to Purchase a New Air Conditioning System

Here are some signs that indicate your old AC system will not be able to provide comfortable services next season:

AC System is Older Than Ten to Twelve Years

If your AC system crossed the golden mark for finishing ten years in your household, then you should start looking for another AC system. After a few months, the AC system’s services will degrade and decrease in the graph.

A Sudden Spike in Electricity Bills

The compressor starts consuming more electricity due to repair issues or is exhausted from working excessively. Call the AC tune-up in Lafayette to check the reason behind the high electrical bills.

Expensive Repair Issue

The HVAC repair in Lafayette recommends following the 50% rule if you find yourself in the repair or replace dilemma. If the repair costs are more than 50% of the total expense of buying a new AC system, choose the replacement option.

It Delivers Inefficient Services

Even after scheduling maintenance services does not improve the AC services, it is better to buy a new one. Using an old AC system at extremely low temperatures to maintain a comfortable environment is not the solution.

Loud Noises While Operating

The technician of AC tune-up in Lafayette can only lower the AC system noises to a certain level. However, when controlling the noises is beyond the technician’s skills, it is better to buy a new one.

Factors That Decide Which Air Conditioning System Would be Best for Your Household?

Call the AC service experts, for a house estimate service before deciding which AC system to buy to replace the old one. Here are some factors:

Size of the AC System

You should calculate the size or capacity of the AC system before buying the AC system. If you buy a small capacity AC system, your AC system will run continuously to keep the indoors comfortable.


Experts of AC tune-up in West Lafayette recommend buying an AC system with a SEER rating of more than 16. You will be eligible for rebates or tax incentives programs if you buy a higher energy-efficient system.

Type of the AC Technology You Want to Install

Different types of air conditioning systems are available in the HVAC stores. There are smart AV systems that you can connect to Wi-fi, and you can control them with your smartphone. The customers prefer split AC systems or ductless mini-splits.

Noise Levels

If the noise produced by the AC system bothers you, then you can buy an AC system with fewer noise levels. You can ask your AC service to recommend a less noisy AC system.


Discuss the budget for buying the AC system and try to buy the best one within your estimated budget.

After-Sales Installation and Maintenance Services

It is essential to confirm the installation process because the more complex the process, the more expensive the bill would be. Investing in an AC system that requires high maintenance is advised.

What is the Cost of AC Replacement Service?

The cost of replacing the old AC unit with a new one includes numerous things. So, there might be additional expenses than your estimated budget for replacement service.

According to the experts of HVAC repair in Lafayette, here are the different costs that are included in the replacement costs:

  • New AC unit purchase price
  • Labor charges
  • Installation and accessibility charges
  • Removal of the old AC unit
  • Ductwork modification
  • Insulation and adding zones
  • Thermostat installation

Climate also plays an influential role in deciding the total replacement costs. Residents in dry climates will have to pay extra to add a humidifier to the air conditioning system.


Brand Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are here to help you simplify the replacement service. We will handle everything from guiding you to buy the best AC system to installing it perfectly in your household.

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