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Tips To Know When To Replace A Furnace

Your furnace is an integral part of your HVAC system and works hard to keep your home warm in the winter. One of the central questions a homeowner needs to ask himself is whether to repair or replace it. A furnace often provides hints and signs that it is due for replacement. Here is what to watch for when deciding whether your best option is heating repair in Lafayette or replacing your furnace.

When to Replace a Furnace:

  • Age of Furnace

A furnace is meant to last 15 to 30 years in a typical home. The type of fuel used by a furnace might also affect its lifespan. Many homeowners prefer installing a new electric furnace rather than repairing an old gas system. While new gas furnaces have a shorter lifespan, they are less expensive than new electric furnaces. Take advice from a professional like heating replacement in Lafayette.

  • Frequent Repairs

It may be more cost-effective to replace your furnace if it begins to malfunction frequently. Examine the cost of your repair expenses to see if a replacement is financially worthwhile. It makes sense to replace an older furnace if your monthly expenditures are half or more of the cost of a new furnace. 

  • Humidity Issues

Mold can thrive in high-humidity environments, which can lead to breathing issues. High humidity levels can also cause deterioration in a home’s walls and superstructure. In addition, dry air dries up the skin, making it flaky and itchy, and it dries out the nasal passages, which can lead to respiratory problems or difficulty breathing. A new furnace with a humidifier could be able to assist you in fixing your problem.

  • Unevenly Heated House

The quality or size of the furnace is not necessarily the source of uneven heating in the home. For example, it’s possible that your furnace requires new air filters or that one of the room’s vents is obstructed or closed. After examining the problem, a professional like furnace service in West Lafayette can help you decide if repair or replacement is the best option.

  • Noisy Furnace

When a furnace is turned on, it makes some noise. It will most likely hum as the burner fires up and ignites the fuel. Still, some furnace noises should be taken seriously. As air moves through your home’s ducts, you’re likely to hear a whooshing sound. A single loud boom could indicate fuel has accumulated in the system and ignited all at once. A professional technician like heating repair can inspect your furnace and pinpoint the source of the whining sounds.

  • Temperature Fluctuations

Sudden temperature differences across rooms in your home indicate that you should talk with a certified contractor like heating replacement about repairing. Once a furnace hits the 15-year mark, it will gradually become less efficient and lose its evenly distributed heat.

  • Soot Collection

The presence of soot and excessive dust in your home indicates that your aging furnace is creating too much carbon dioxide. Wood flooring, couches, chairs, and bookcases can all be damaged by dry air. When you see dead plants in your home, it’s a warning that there’s not enough moisture in the air. Likewise, if you detect dirt or soot around the furnace registers, it’s a sign that it’s time to replace your furnace.

  • High Energy Bills

When a furnace reaches the end of its 15-year life cycle, it becomes more difficult to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. As a result, your monthly energy expenditures will skyrocket due to this. If you’re not sure when it’s time to replace your furnace, look at the total cost of your next repair. If the entire cost of repairing your furnace is more than half the cost of installing a new one, it’s time to replace it.

  • Yellow Furnace Flames

A furnace should always emit a clear blue flame. If the flames from the burners are yellow, your furnace may be emitting carbon monoxide. 

  • Furnace Looks Different

Appliances frequently begin to show indications of wear and tear. Rust, cracks, and soot are some of the visual changes to look for. If your furnace has rusted over time, having a new one installed may be the best option. A specialist such as HVAC repair in Lafayette may recommend replacing based on the system’s age and overall condition.

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