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Common AC Problems & Troubleshooting

Air conditioners are one of the most commonly used appliances in homes and businesses, and they can be a huge lifesaver during hot weather. However, ACs can also be a source of frustration when they break down or don’t work properly. Below, we’ll explore some of the most common AC problems and provide some tips on troubleshooting and fixing them.

Common AC Problems:

  • AC is Constantly Running: 

You can protect essential components and prevent your energy bill from skyrocketing by fixing an AC that won’t turn off. 

Solution: First, check to see if switching off the thermostat fan also turns the air conditioner off. If not, speak with an AC tune-up in Lafayette, IN.

  • AC is Blowing Out Hot Air: 

Hot air could signify a clogged air filter, a ductwork blockage, or debris overheating the compressor. 

Solution: To avoid blockages, change your air filters every one to three months. You’ll want to schedule ductwork cleaning every three to five years. 

  • Leaking Water or Refrigerant: 

Condensation outside the air conditioner is normal, but too much moisture could indicate a leak. 

Solution: If you discover a refrigerant leak, immediately turn off the AC unit and contact air conditioning experts to make the necessary repairs and fill up the refrigerant.  

  • Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently: 

Does a fuse trip every time your AC turns on? You’ll encounter this problem if the wiring or the circuit breaker aren’t rated for the output of the HVAC unit.

Solution: Electrical work isn’t something you’ll want to tackle on your own. Contact an expert for repairs right away. 

  • AC is Not Working: 

It is frustrating to wake up and discover the air conditioner won’t turn on. There are a variety of reasons for this, which includes anything from a blown fuse to a faulty compressor.

Solution: Call licensed technicians at Brand Heating & Air Conditioning for AC repair in Lafayette; we have specialized diagnostic tools to help you identify the cause of the problem.

  • Lack of Cool Airflow: 

If you’re noticing that the air coming from your AC is not as cool as it should be, it may be because of low refrigerant, dirty evaporator coils, or a dirty filter.

Solution: While it’s fairly simple to replace a dirty filter, you’ll want to contact a professional for any other reason. 

  • Strange Sounds: 

Strange vibrations, squealing, or grinding sounds indicate a pressing issue. Since they often indicate problems with motor bearings, grinding noises are hazardous for AC units.

Solution: Inspect the unit for any loose parts or objects that may be causing the noise. Tighten any loose parts and remove any objects that are caught in the fan.

  • Weird Smells: 

If your AC is emitting strange smells, it could be due to mold or mildew growth in the unit.

Solution: Clean the unit thoroughly to remove any mold or mildew.

  • Short Cycling: 

If your AC unit is turning on and off more frequently than normal, it could be due to a variety of problems, including a dirty air filter, a thermostat that isn’t set properly, or a refrigerant leak.

Solution: Clean or replace the air filter, adjust the thermostat, and check for leaks in the refrigerant line.

  • Frozen AC: 

If your AC unit is frozen, it could be due to low refrigerant, dirty evaporator coils, or a blocked airflow.

Solution: Check the levels of refrigerant and, if necessary, add more. Clean or replace the evaporator coils and filters.

As soon as you get an AC installation in Lafayette, Indianamake sure you continue to take care of it so it doesn’t break down. Contact Brand Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today!

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