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Ask these 7 important questions before hiring an HVAC contractor

Important Questions Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Finding a reliable expert requires asking the appropriate questions while looking for HVAC repair in Lafayette. You don’t want someone who will be pushy, try to sell you more than you need, or otherwise annoy you!

Start by asking the following questions as you look for the best HVAC company:

Which size unit do I need?

It’s essential to choose the proper size HVAC system for your house. Your air conditioner runs the danger of breaking down sooner if it is too small and is left on all the time. Your air conditioner won’t run long enough to effectively circulate the air in your house if it is too big.

How effective is my new system going to be?

Your HVAC system’s efficiency is determined by its SEER rating, which is calculated by dividing its cooling output by energy consumption.

While considering this subject, you should also inquire about how that translates into savings on your electric bill. What matters most to most people is how it will affect their electric bill.

Is there any cutting-edge technology out there?

You may learn a lot about a contractor and how current they are by asking about new technology. To find out if the contractors are genuinely excited about their work or are simply in it to make quick cash, find out what they know about ductless systems and various types of thermostats.

What are your payment terms?

A significant and frequently expensive home renovation undertaking is installing a new HVAC system. Because of this, you might inquire if the business provides a payment plan.

A payment plan might be as easy as letting you pay them using a credit card or scheduling later payments. A trustworthy and honest contractor will be upfront about it in either case.

Are there any warranties or assurances included with the new system?

Find out what warranties are offered for the furnace service in Lafayette and the tools. There are two examples of these guarantees: manufacturer warranties and a guarantee for the caliber of the installer’s work. It is just another indication that you work with a trustworthy and ethical business.

Can I still use my existing air ducts?

Unless you’re going ductless, using your existing air ducts will save you money when having a new HVAC system built. Ask the contractor if they can assist you in finding a new system that will integrate with the existing setup if your original ductwork is still in good condition to save money.

Which brands do you market and support?

You can detect if an HVAC expert is trying to sell you a certain brand by asking about the brands they specialize in, and it can also help you save money. Like with any product, there are times when you merely pay for the brand name without any enhancement in quality.

Choose the best HVAC services in Lafayette

Knowing when and how long the HVAC project will take is vital, especially if you need to make plans to have someone home while the work is being done. To ensure you choose the proper company when choosing an HVAC contractor, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Our helpful professionals at Brand Heating & Air Conditioning are pleased to address any of your inquiries and will take the time to hear your worries. Contact us today at (765) 449-9709 for AC repair in Lafayette, and feel free to ask questions!

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