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6 Heating protection Points For The Winter

Maintaining peak heater performance is important for several reasons. Scheduling maintenance will not only extend its useful life but also boost the cleanliness of the air inside your home. If you are looking for a reliable contractor for maintenance and heating repair in Lafayette, contact Brand HVAC.

6 Heating Protection Points

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Keeping the temperature low at night might save a substantial amount on your heating cost. However, if the temperature drops below 55 degrees, it could lead to several severe problems. It is advised that your home’s temperature should not go below 65 degrees.

It would be best if you also took care to prevent the freezing and expansion of your home’s pipes, which could lead to the rupture of linked faucets and pipes. Your smart thermostat will send you an alert if the temperature in your home drops to an excessively low level.

Install Insulation In The Walls And Ceiling

Buildings with inadequate insulation are difficult to cool in the summer and difficult to heat in the winter. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, insulation can help maintain a suitable interior temperature. It significantly reduces the heating load during the winter months and contributes to the structure’s overall energy efficiency.

Insulating materials such as glass wool, cotton, and foam are widely employed in wall construction. Polystyrene is the most effective material for insulating roofs from the inside.

Looking for a reliable contractor for heating repair in Lafayette, IN? Contact Brand HVAC.

Intensify The Temperature

When you eventually decide to activate your boiler or heating system after an extended period of inactivity post-heating installation, there is a greater chance that it will not perform properly. You should use your heating system for 15 minutes weekly to prevent it from seizing up.

Ensure The Exhaust Pipes Are Clear

Ensure that the pipes through which exhaust and intake air pass are adequately protected from snow accumulation and melting snow. These tubes, regardless of whether they are located on the roof or the sidewall, may become sensitive to the impacts of the weather if they lack the proper protection.

If melted snow seeps into your home and then refreezes, the pipes could become clogged with ice, rendering your heater inoperable. If you are searching for a reliable contractor for furnace repair in Lafayette, Indiana, contact Brand HVAC.

Utilize Timers On The Central Heating System

It is more cost-effective to configure your boiler to turn on the heating a bit earlier but at a lower temperature. It is because a boiler heats up at the same rate whether the thermostat is set at 20 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Celsius.

However, you should avoid the typical error of leaving the thermostat on a low setting throughout the day since this may result in you paying for heat even though you will not be utilizing it.

Upgrade Your Air Filters

Changing the air filters in your heating system regularly is essential to ensuring its proper operation. To maximize their performance, we suggest you replace them every one to three months.
The next step in preparing your heater for winter is to wipe out any dust and debris that may have accumulated after you’ve replaced the filters.

It not only facilitates the circulation of warm air throughout your home but also improves air quality. If your heater is in an inaccessible location, you should engage a professional to relocate it for you.


Take the necessary precautions to guarantee that your heater continues to perform effectively, and rely on the expertise of professionals for the maintenance details. You can rely on one of the best service providers, Brand HVAC, to provide Lafayette’s most dependable HVAC repair. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your annual furnace maintenance.

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