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5 Common Types of Furnace Repairs that You Should Know About

Your comfort matters, and so does a properly working furnace during the cold weather. That is why keeping your system in the best condition is paramount. This may include efficient heating repair in Lafayette from time to time. When you opt for on-time service, your furnace can work more efficiently than ever.

Top 5 common furnace repairs that you should know about

HVAC experts advise the homeowners to stay alert to the heating system. This way, you can identify the damage signs and call for support. If you don’t repair the system in time, you may have to opt for a furnace replacement in Lafayette.

The Heat-Exchanger Maintenance

You can call the heat exchanger the heart of a furnace. The heat exchanger ensures the heat can travel to different places in your house. When neglected, the exchanger tubes will start to catch rust and crack. As a result, the basic furnace operation will be hindered. If this happens, it is better to call for a professional to look into this matter.

The Clogged Furnace Filters

If the indoor air is fresh and healthy, it is because of the furnace filters. Due to the constant operation, the filters start collecting dirt, soot, and airborne matter. When you don’t clean the filters every three months, the filters become heavily clogged and prevent airflow.

Occasionally, such a condition can lead to the breakdown of the furnace. While you can replace the filters in a DIY method using the owner’s manual, it is advised to opt for heating tune-up technicians in Lafayette, IN, for a professional service.

The Ductwork Maintenance

You know how effective the duct system is in a furnace system. The ducts allow the energy to travel from the system to different corners of your house. If you are not careful about the condition of the ducts, you can face problems such as;

  • The ducts become full of dirt and debris.
  • The ducts develop leaks in several places.

You should act on these problems as early as possible. Otherwise, you may have to opt for a furnace replacement service in Lafayette, which can be a better option if you experience consistent furnace problems.

The Thermostat Malfunctions

The thermostat is a piece of equipment that deals with maintaining appropriate temperature across your home. If this essential part malfunctions, you will not feel comfortable in your home. During winter, you should set the thermostat to the heat option and inspect the battery’s condition. If the problem persists, it is time to contact an expert furnace service in Lafayette.

Yellow Pilot Light

If the furnace’s pilot flame turns anything but blue, the furnace is in trouble. You should not keep the heating system in that condition and rather call for immediate support.

Bottom line

The common repairs that a furnace requires can be handled by a professional heating tune-up service in Lafayette, IN. This service will also prevent any damage to our system.

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