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3 Signs of an Impending Air Conditioner Breakdown

No one wants their air conditioner to break down during a heat wave. However, many homeowners don’t realize that their AC unit may be on the verge of failure until it’s too late. 

By familiarizing yourself with the three most common signs of an impending AC breakdown, you can take steps to avoid a costly repair bill or replacement altogether. If you notice any of the following signs, contact our team as soon as possible if you need AC repair in Lafayette this summer. 

3 Early Signs of a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner 


  • There is Less Airflow in The System 

You should check your air filters to see if the air produced by your air conditioning system is lower than usual. Clogged vents reduce your home’s airflow and put unnecessary strain on your AC unit. Filters should be replaced every one to three months, depending on usage. You might not be able to detect damaged blowers or other problems causing reduced airflow. To avoid more costly repairs in the long run, you need to contact Brand Heating & Air Conditioning for professional AC service in Lafayette, Indiana.

  • AC Isn’t Blowing Cool Air

If your AC condenser is operating but blowing warm air, this could indicate a failure of the compressor. The lack of cooling capacity is caused by a faulty compressor that does not pump refrigerant through the AC unit. 

It could also indicate a refrigerant leak. As the air conditioner loses its refrigerant charge, it might cause unnecessary strain on its compressor, resulting in compressor failure. Do not ignore this issue. We suggest turning off the AC unit and contacting us right away.

  • Utility Bills are Increasing

The summer is generally a time when electric bills are a bit higher. However, if the bills spike during any other season or suddenly increase beyond normal during the summer months, this might indicate an issue with your air conditioning unit. 

There is a possibility that your system is outdated, inefficient, or needs replacement parts or some repairs. One of the natural reactions is to lower your thermostat if your home doesn’t feel comfortable. The cooling system might have to work harder to keep up. A failing AC unit cannot keep up, which can cause it to freeze or burn out. 

Eventually, as your air conditioner ages, your utility bills will increase. When you compare your usage and electricity bills this year to those from last year and realize the temperatures were the same, but your usage is higher, the AC unit is likely declining. It is recommended to schedule regular AC tune-ups in Lafayette to keep your system running efficiently. 

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