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10 Most Common Furnace Problems – What Are Those?

A furnace is an equivalent unit to air conditioners. A household cannot survive when either one is damaged. The service and maintenance of such important appliances must be performed from time to time. If any repairs arise in the furnace, they must be fixed immediately. Look out for an HVAC company that offers furnace repair.

The furnace may be displaying signs of some problems in the working of the furnace. The HVAC services must be called immediately by looking for the best HVAC repair in Lafayette.

To avoid any repairs, the furnace must be serviced regularly by professionals. Regular maintenance of the furnace would result in optimal functioning of the furnace and eliminate the requirement of repairs in the future. For good furnace service, one must hire the best company for furnace service in West Lafayette.

10 Most Common Problems With Furnaces

1. Smoke or Flame

For the generation of heat, the furnace burns fuel. Therefore, regularly checking for flames or smoke becomes crucial.

2. Unusual Noise

The unusual noises may be due to any issue with the furnace that can have large-scale implications.

3. Increase in the Energy Bill

If there are any problems in the furnace, or if the furnace is too old, it may increase power consumption, thereby increasing the energy bill.

4. Change in the Flame Color

The flame color determines the health of a furnace. A healthy furnace has a blue-colored flame. If there are any changes in the flame color, the furnace may be indicating a problem.

5. Decrease in the Heat Generation

If there is a decrease in the heat generation, it might be indicating some problem with the furnace.

6. Wearing Down of Ball Bearings

The ball bearings help the furnace to work efficiently without any problems. However, these ball bearings tend to wear out over a certain period.

7. Clogging of the Filters

If the filters are clogged, it would directly result in poor air quality and decrease the furnace’s efficiency.

8. Problems in the Thermostat

If there are any problems with the thermostat, it can result in issues with the furnace.

9. Fluctuation in the Heating

Constant variations in the heating may indicate problems with the furnace.

10. Over-Cycling

Over-cycling may be due to a clogged filter or an additional underlying problem with the furnace. Over-cycling can cause an increase in energy bills.

Appropriate maintenance and timely repairs are key for a healthy furnace. Brand HVAC is one of the best companies that provide furnace repair in Lafayette, Indiana.

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